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Portable farm buildings may seem like a straightforward matter: you install one on your property as one of many agricultural buildings designed to keep crops and farm equipment safe. However, you can do much more with American Portable Buildings’ vast portable building inventory. Discover our creative ideas below. 

Practical Uses of Portable Farm Buildings

First and foremost, most farmers want their buildings to serve a practical purpose. You can use your portable building as much more than a storage building. Explore some practical uses below. 

#1. Office Space

Do you balance books periodically to keep the farm’s finances in check? Perhaps your spouse has a job that requires remote work. Either way, portable buildings offer more than hay storage. You can transform one of your agriculture buildings into a quiet home office.  

#2. Guest House

Some homes quickly become crowded during family gatherings and holidays. Convert a portable building from a classic storage space into a small guest house. Some can accommodate multiple people, depending on the building’s size. 

#3. Animal Housing

Animal husbandry is one of the greatest rewards of farm life. However, your chickens, dogs, and small livestock need somewhere safe to roost in inclement weather and at night. Portable farm buildings offer an excellent animal housing solution. 

#4. Emergency Shelter

Dixie Alley covers Mississippi in a swath of volatile weather patterns. As cyclone severity increases, your family could benefit from a backup plan. Convert your old equipment storage building into an emergency shelter in case a tornado renders your home uninhabitable. 

Fun Uses of Portable Farm Buildings

Property owners who work hard can also play hard. Transform one of your portable buildings into a sanctuary where you can enjoy friends, family, and an ice-cold glass of sweet tea. Try one of the following ideas to enrich your social life. 

#5. Playhouse

The kids need a place to call their own without crowding the main house! Purchase a portable building to house some of their treasured toys and games. They can engage in noisy playtime while you enjoy some peace.  

#6. Hobby Room

Do you and your spouse have some hobbies you enjoy? Turn that old tool shed into a craft room or hobby space. Let your imagination run wild as you plan your latest creation. 

#7. Gym

An active lifestyle is essential to staying healthy and mobile well into your autumn years. Private gyms facilitate that lifestyle with a sheltered, comfortable space filled with your equipment. Avoid public gyms while reaping the benefits of weightlifting and cardio at home by transforming backyard sheds into home gyms. 

#8. Gathering Space

You can also use a disconnected building as a partition to facilitate get-togethers. Host parties, family reunions, and sleepovers, keeping the chaos and mess of numerous guests separate from the main house. 

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Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to portable farm buildings. Our largest portable building can accommodate multiple sections of space for various activities. Request a quote to learn more about American Portable Buildings’ Mississippi-made inventory.