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Adding a 12×20 portable shed to your property can increase your storage space, keep yard items and equipment neat and organized, or create a relaxing retreat for your family members. Since other shed size options are available, you might not know if a 12×20 is ideal for your purposes.

Keep reading to explore whether this type of shed is the right fit for you, and then reach out to the most trusted portable building contractors in Meridian, Mississippi. Contact American Portable Buildings to find the appropriate color and size building that meets all your needs. 

What Is a Portable Shed?

A portable shed is a shed that contains one entrance, three surrounding walls, and two windows at the front. Since it’s portable, you can move it to a preferred location on your property and change its purpose as necessary. Portable sheds come in a few different sizes, with one of the most popular sizes being 12×20.

Smaller shed sizes include 8×10, 10×12, 10×16, and 12×16.

Uses for Portable Sheds to Consider

Although you’ll need to think about accessory dwelling units if you’d like extra living space for your property, portable sheds have many uses. Some of the best ways property owners utilize their portable sheds are as follows:

Garden Tools

If you’re an avid gardener, you can store all of your planting supplies, pots, shovels, and tools in one accessible place. After a long day of planting and watering, you’ll have everything you need for gardening in a neat and organized 12×20 portable shed.

Yard Equipment Storage

You can hang small tools along your side walls or house your lawn mower.

Man Cave or She Shed

12×20 sheds are excellent for adding a private getaway on your property, whether you prefer a man cave or she shed. If you finish the space, you can add a comfortable bar space or play video games in the area. Perhaps you could make it a cozy reading nook if that’s more to your taste.

Extra Household Storage

A 12×20 shed is perfect for adding extra storage space to your home and storing miscellaneous items like seasonal or kitchen decor.

What Items Can You Store in a 12×20 Storage Shed?

12X20 sheds allow you to store numerous items with almost limitless options, including:

Remember that you can’t store fabrics and clothing items, paint, food, and electronics, as sheds have unfinished interiors. If you decide to finish the area, you can expand the types of items that are safe to store inside. However, finishing isn’t necessary for most people’s storage purposes.


If you’re interested in adding a portable shed to your property, you should explore our blog about obtaining a permit for portable buildings. At American Portable Buildings, we proudly provide affordable and durable shed solutions to the good people of Meridian, Mississippi, and the nearby areas. See if purchasing a 12×20 portable shed is the appropriate fit for your needs and request a quote from our trusted team.